Tricopter or Quadcopter?
Pro: Simple, stable, recognizable. Quadcopter technology is rapidly evolving so upgrades are plentiful and increase performance while getting cheaper all the time. Quadcopters usually have more power overall.

Against: Quadcopters are slowly losing credibility as being serious machines, they're considered toys by most people or at the very least consumer electronics. Heavier than their tricopter counterparts, so they need more power to achieve the same performance as their multicopter cousins with less motors.

Quadcopter Emax Sport 5
Pro: Very exotic, rare and way up high on the intimidation factor. It avoids the general image of drones being toys. Has a unique range of movement resembling an airplane. Lighter since it has less components.

Against: A bit lower on power, more complicated since there is a vectored thrust mechanism involved.

Tricopter Reptile Mosquito Y400Y
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