ArduBee - micro drone for open source, swarms, autonomous flights and STEM applications.

Browsing Kickstarter we stumbled upon one more interesting project from our colleagues - ArduBee. It looks great so far!

High power in a small size
ArduBee is the smallest and lightest modular quadcopter platform based on ArduPilot Open Source software capable of indoor and outdoor flying and is equipped with a powerful H7 MCU flight controller.

This tiny ArduPilot UAV is ideal for educational and research applications, or for anyone who loves to play with cutting-edge technology and take aerial applications to new heights.

ArduBee uses the best electronic components and created a product supported by the Ardupilot Open Source system.

It's an expandable platform with an add-on system that lets you add your own custom components.

We wish luck to these guys and will be watching this project.
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