Double your money by May 2021 by buying unique drones

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the first home robot that flies
John The Drone is a unique flying robot: it is a drone that can bring things, look after kids or elderly people, and even meet your guests!

We're developing it on the base of our disruptive technology of autonomous drones, it's 70% ready. You can learn more about it on a special page we created for that.
Our offer: buy it now for $399, sell in 5 months for $800
Follow these 3 steps to legally double your money
December 2020 - you buy John The Drone for $399
You get the "early-bird" certificate of the John The Drone owner. The certificate can be exchanged for the product in May 2021.
November 2020-April 2021 - development
We use the money to complete the development of John The Drone and get the product ready for shipment
May 2021 - you sell your John The Drone for $800
In May we're launching our crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter where we will be selling John The Drone for $800. Your drone will be sold first as it will be ready! You get your money.
What is it really?
John The Drone - the first and only smart home assistant that can fly and bring you things!
Unique features
No drone in the world that can bring you things without human involvement. Our John is the first!
It can recognize you
Our drone is equipped with Artificial Intelligence, it can avoid obstacles, recognize your face and voice commands. It will be integrated with Alexa and Apple Home systems.
"John, bring me a coffee!"
With our drone it is possible! Thanks to our technology, it can attach things by the lower part of it and bring you small things.
Cool design
It is made to be safe and efficient, it is a family-friendly robot that adores living with people.
See successful Kickstarter campaigns
Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding platform with millions of backers who like buying "hot" gadgets. For us, it is the fastest and most reliable way to get money for our product. We will be selling 500-1,000 units of John The Drone at the price of $800 in May 2021.
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Buy the unique drone now for $399 and we will sell it at Kickstarter in May 2021 for $800
YOUR PROFIT 100% in 5 months!
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