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$1 Trillion Startup

Reality web series about a tech start up development from scratch to success. Ups and downs of a young startup tea
$1Trillion Startup is a reality, interactive web series presented in short episodes which relates the story of a technological startup developing an innovative drone. A true success story of 5 individuals who started from scratch and made it to the top. It's both interactive and real-time: you can influence team decisions and get the story to play out the way you want! Loads of fun!
We started developing our product 2 years ago without specialized experience or funding — all we had was an idea. Now we have thousands of followers, dozens of orders, and lucrative offers from investors. This year we're going to set the new Guinness world record for drones!

We want to share this amazing story with everyone! We'll tell you about our ups and downs, how we made a team, how we managed to get some funding, build a prototype, get our first orders, and so on — 100% facts well-seasoned with jokes and plenty of amusing situations.

Why Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is full of open minded people who like supporting innovative ideas so it's the ideal choice for the $1 Trillion Startup project. We plan on using Kickstarter to find like minded people and create a community that will give us the funds we need to make our project a reality.

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