Our review of the best of the best drones - Intel Falcon 8+ octocopter drone
Designed for professional applications, this Falcon 8+ Octocopter Drone with Cockpit Remote Controller & 3 Batteries from Intel includes everything you need to get up and running. It is the original go-to choice for most of the big players in the UAV Inspection industry.

Falcon 8+ - the first commercial drone from Intel
Intel® Cockpit Controller

The Intel® Cockpit Controller is the main control for the Intel® Falcon™ 8+ system and features an innovative joystick design for single-hand flight control.
Advanced Flight Performance
The Intel® Falcon™ 8+ drone is designed to provide consistent, stable flights in the face of external influences like weak GPS signals and high winds as well as providing resistance to magnetic field disturbances. Lightweight with best weight-to-payload ratio for efficient flights, it allows you to collect incredibly accurate, high-quality, geo-referenced, actionable data, while operating in challenging environments.
Precision Data
With professional payload options the Intel® Falcon™ 8+ drone can provide detailed data for orthography and 3D reconstruction, with millimeter accuracy for ground sample distance (GSD). The unique, patented V-shaped design helps ensure unobstructed data capture and enables a greater than 180 degree view from top to bottom for a range of perspectives, from one camera, in one flight. And for data privacy, the Falcon 8+ system can be configured as a closed system with isolated, on-board data storage that does not transmit data over the public internet.
Best-in-Class Safety
The Intel® Falcon™ 8+ UAV is designed for superior safety with industry-leading electronic and hardware system redundancy. The AscTec* Trinity Control Unit provides three redundant IMUs, for quick and reliable data fusion, which verifies and controls the drone's position, altitude, and orientation, for better responsiveness and stability during flights. It also features additional redundancies for communications, batteries, rotors, and motors.
Amazing package
Intel inside, period.

Intel Falcon 8+ is inspecting a bridge
OUR CONCLUSION: The drone's rotors are arranged in AscTec's patented V-formation, and the craft can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour — faster than most amateur drones. Its makers promise all sorts of features designed to appeal to professional pilots, including back-up batteries and communication systems built into the drone itself. The system also ships with the Intel Cockpit, a weatherproof controller with twin joysticks and an integrated Intel tablet, with the whole system ready to fly right out of the box.

That's certainly a varied list of interests, but as indicated by the Falcon 8+, it seems Intel is primarily focused on commercial applications. Unlike the hobbyist market, where DJI controls 70 percent of sales, the industrial sector is not yet dominated by any one company. DJI and Yuneec both make their own commercial drones, but so do bigger companies like Sony. Just because it's not going up against DJI, doesn't mean Intel isn't flying into some crowded skies.
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