Home robot that flies
Brings you things, watches your kids, takes care of you
John The Drone - the first smart flying assistant
3 things it does best
brings things
John can fetch you a snack from the kitchen or even deliver a package
watches your kids
John can follow your kids, stream live video of them and alert you when they need to get in touch
takes care of you
John can understand voice commands and talk to you - your friends will be stunned
John is your lifetime assistant
John, get my coffee in bed!
Enjoy your morning cup of coffee in bed every day of the week. Let John do the work for you
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Autonomous and reliable
You won't need to recharge John or change its batteries, it will connect to the charging point by itself when it's time
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PLUS it can be integrated with Alexa, Apple HomePod and Google Home
John The Drone gives arms and legs to your other smart home virtual assistants, it helps where they can't. You can call John by voice or give it tasks via your smartphone, it'll be happy to help!
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Safe, friendly, and efficient
Friendly and Unobtrusive
John is quiet, lives in its own place, and is always happy to execute your commands
John is light and soft, just like a teddy bear. It is fully certified to work with people
John is independent, meaning it doesn't need any maintenance or special care
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