Flight controller
Omnibus F4 Nano V6
We're basing this aircraft on the Mission planner software which is very mature, well tested and open source. We can modify it to suit our needs and control it with an external companion computer fairly easily.

The Mission planner is originally intended to be used with Pixhawk but due to size limitations, we will have to choose a smaller board. Luckily Mission planner does support third party boards and currently we have several options, the most likely candidate being the Omnibus F4 Nano V6. It uses a fairly outdated STM32F405 processor but it will do just fine for the first phase of the project. At a later stage we can move to a newer, more powerful F7 processor or even the latest generation that is supposed to be released this year. Ultimately we're looking to integrate the flight controller and companion computer on a single board for the final product version.

The Omnibus Nano includes the following sensors onboard
- MPU6000 Gyroscope (we will use this)
- Onboard voltage sensor (we will use this)
- Onboard LC filter (Not used in the first prototype)
- BPM280 Barometer (Not used in the first prototype)
Possible sensor additions, excluding the ones used by the developer
- Compass
- Optical flow sensor
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