Our review of the best of the best drones - DJI MATRICE 600
It definitely depends on your needs which drone to fly. If you're interested in mass-market models you will find a lot of reviews on the internet, you don't need us. But if you're looking for something really interesting - read our review.

At John The Drone we're only interested in sophisticated state-of-the-art models.
Yet it is not really easy to find information about such drones. This is why we decided to create such a review.

DJI Matrice 600 - professional hexacopter for cinematography
The Matrice 600 was DJI's first heavy lifter, aimed at serious cinematographers who need a trusted assistant for shooting another film masterpiece. This drone is equipped with six rotors for extra balance and redundancy and six batteries for prolonged time and safety in the air.

Below you can read 5 reasons why we think it should be in our list.

#1 General features
Everything in this drone is done in an extremely practical and convenient way for the user or a whole team of professionals. The body is made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, the chassis is retractable, the power beams are made of carbon fiber and are removable.
#2 Construction
DJI has been able to make a remarkably stable and powerful drone thanks to its custom E2000 propulsion system, which includes six 6010 motors and Model 2170 propellers. All motors are individually actively cooled to ensure proper operation under heavy loads.
#3 Flight controller
The A3 flight controller has built-in protections against loss of signal, low power, and even triple thrust failures. In the event of a powerplant failure, the hexacopter usually begins to yaw continuously, and when it is detected by the A3 flight controller, it gives the command to switch to Home-Lock mode for a safe landing in an emergency.
#4 Batteries
The Matrice 600 is configured to operate with six DJI Smart Batteries (TB47S), allowing it to lift a large payload and keep the entire system running. If one battery fails during flight, the M600's onboard computer can recalculate the remaining charge level, then hover in place or automatically land. Any of the power supplies can be turned on and off by pressing one button.
#5 Flexibility with payload
The M600 is compatible with all DJI Zenmuse gimbals, allowing a wide range of cameras to be used, including the Zenmuse X3, X5, XT and any other third party cameras.
Combining the Matrice 600 with the Ronin-MX gimbal offers incredible benefits. The Ronin-MX is made of aluminum, can be rotated 360 degrees and is compatible with any professional camera. It can also connect to the GPS and Lightbridge 2 systems installed on the Matrice 600.

DJI Matrice 600 - the choice of professionals
OUR CONCLUSION: The Matrice 600 is designed to give the operator maximum flexibility in gimbal, camera and accessories selection. Based on the specifics of the project and its tasks, you can select equipment and even create your own software applications, integrate all of this into a single system without any problems.

A big advantage of the M600 is its ability to carry heavy cameras and accessories while maintaining stability and stability in the air. Another benefit is the Matrice 600's ability to easily become a platform for virtually any DJI Zenmuse gimbal and camera. The aircraft's six engines and batteries are a distinctive design feature, providing additional safety and longer flight times.

Finally, the high-performance A3 flight controller provides increased system accuracy, reliability and efficiency.
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