John The Drone - the first home robot that flies
John is the world's first smart flying assistant for the home that can bring you things. Whenever you want a drink - just call John and it will fetch it in a moment. What's more, John is smart, he can watch your kids or pets when you're busy. John is an indispensable tool for people with disabilities and the elderly, it's always ready to assist and never gets tired.
John The Drone
John The Drone is an autonomous smart AI-powered drone system that consists of the drone itself, a charging station, and the operating software. The drone is equipped with sensors, cameras, and a special mechanism that allows it to carry things. When running out of power it will automatically connect to its charging station and recharge, even in the middle of a task. Once it's recharged, it will complete the task.
The charging station is a small box which can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. Its special design provides the drone with reliable docking and charging. Connectable to solar panels, it can be completely autonomous.

You can see two variants of the charging station in the picture below.
John's features
It can take care of people
John can take photos, shoot video, and send it to you when you're not home. With John around you'll always be sure that your children and loved ones are safe and secure.
It can understand your commands
John can be controlled by voice, gestures, and via its app on your smartphone. It recognizes both faces and voices.
It can bring things
It can identify, attach, carry, and unload things at specified points, using optimal routes to avoid obstacles.
It is fully autonomous
John recharges its battery by itself when it needs to. What's more, John's charging station can be connected to a solar panel, which makes it truly autonomous.
It can be integrated with smart home systems
John can be integrated with smart home systems, like Alexa and Smart Home, becoming 'the arms and legs' of your virtual assistants.
AI powered
John recognizes faces and voices, understands commands, identifies objects, and executes complex tasks.
It is safe
John is absolutely safe. Light and made of special materials, it can't hurt anyone. Also, it respects your privacy and will never transmit your data anywhere.
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